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Airtight & Soundproof Automatic Doors

The combined suspension mechanism a d drive unit eliminates any gap between the door, frame and floor, delivering high sound insulation and airtightness performance.

  • Marcus Door(M2P)

  • Marcus Door(m5)



Our doors utilize a proprietary sliding mechanism. We also have X-ray shielding type doors available.

– Main Usage Areas –
Hospital operating rooms (X-ray shielding door options also available), music halls, recording studios
[ Marcus Door  m5, M2P ]
Our sliding mechanism involves the door roller falling snugly into a recessed locking position, while nylon bushings on the floor seal the door against the frame and floor. The doors are also filled with insulation, ensuring high sound and air insulating properties.

- Standard Specifications -

Model m5 M2P
Style Single Slide Single Slide
Drive System Automatic: Engine (Manual: Lever Handle) Automatic: Engine & Cylinder (Manual: Lever Handle)
Door Outer Material Standard: Acrylic Resin-Coated Steel
Special: Stainless Steel, Aluminum
Special: Stainless Steel, Aluminum
Door Inner Material Resin Foam (w/lead) Resin Foam
Airtight Frame Material Aluminum Zinc-Plated Steel
Sound Insulation Standard: 30dB (37dB) Standard: 41dB
Airtightness A-4 (Level 2) A-4 (Level 2)
Max. Door Size DW2,000mm DH2,500mm DW3,000mm DH4,000mm
Max. Door Mass 180kg 400kg

Airtight & Soundproof Automatic Doors Download Schematics

  • [ Marcus Door m5 ]

* Schematic data is prepared in accordance with standard specifications. It does not reference the locations depicted in photos.