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Sensors - Transom / Ceiling-Mounted

Our lineup of products meets the needs of every kind of entrance.


  • OA-205V Transom-Mounted Reflective Light Switch

  • OA-206J Transom-Mounted Reflective Light SwitchiWide-Area Versionj

  • OA-230V Transom-Mounted Reflective Light SwitchiDoorway Surveillance Versionj

  • SSP-1 Transom-Mounted Reflective Light SwitchiDoorway Surveillance Versionj

  • OA-720/721V Ceiling-Mounted Reflective Light Switch

  • Activ8J Transom-Mounted Microwave SwitchiMicrowave & Light-Detecting Versionj

Product Name
Reflective Light Switch Heat Switch

Microwave Switch

Main Use Shop
Building / Apartment Building
Factory / Warehouse |
Rehabilitation / Handicapped Facility
Operating Room | |
Computer Room / Laboratory
Features Unaffected by heat / radio waves.   Suited to areas with snowfall. Uses radio waves so unsusceptible to
Detection Targets Moving
Still | |
Operating Principle Detects changes in emitted and reflected near-infrared light.

Detects changes in heat energy (far-infrared light) emitted from the floor and foot traffic.

Operates by detecting reflections in radio waves.
Installation Location Ceiling / Transom Ceiling / Transom Ceiling / Transom
Additional Notes    

Multi-function sensors combining reflective light and microwave detection are also available.