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Automatic Door with Electromagnetic Shielding

A version of the standard Marcus Door sound-insulating and airtight door with electromagnetic shielding. This door features a step-less floor with a simple series of opening and closing operation steps to ensure high (electromagnetic) shielding. Sound and air leaks are also insulated against, allowing use in a variety of fields.

  • Marcus Door(EM5)

  • Marcus Door(EM5)



Apt at sealing sound and air in addition to reducing electromagnetic waves, Marcus EM5 doors are frequently used in medical applications.

- Main Usage Areas -
Brain surgery rooms, EEG rooms, EMG rooms, physiology labs, MRI rooms, video rooms, various studios

- Standard Specifications -

Model EM5
Door Outer Material Stainless steel 1.5t
Jamb Stainless steel
Handle Stainless steel
Sealing Material Shield gasket (metal fiber)
Lower Airtight Material Neoprene rubber with conduction cloth
Glass Shielded Glass
Slide Shoe SUS2.0t slide shoe included
Door Size Up to DW2,000mm, up to DH2,500mm
Door Mass Up to 180kg

Electric and manual operation available (lever handle provided for manual models)

Materials & Finish Door & frame: Stainless steel with hairline design finish (door panels available with baked coating)
Optional Features High sound insulation and X-ray shielding options also available