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Electric Locks

At Teraoka, we provide a variety of open/close specifications suited to usage and environment.

  • EL-6S

  • EL-7SN

  • EL-6RM

  • BPM-10C

Featuring superior durability and reliable operation.

- EL-6S/7SN Auto-Locking Model (Unlocks Upon Power Outage) -
・Locks upon energizing solenoid. Uses a spring system for unlocking, allowing you to open the door during a power outage.
・Powerful yet compact solenoid ensures reliable locking.
・Compact dimensions fitting perfectly into an aluminum front.
- EL-6RM/7RM Auto-Unlocking Model (Locks Upon Power Outage) -
・Retains locked state when automatic door power is cut deliberately or during an outage, maintaining security.
・An unlocking device can be installed to allow for manual unlock override in the case of an emergency.
- BPM-10C Electromagnetic Brake -
・An electromagnet embedded in a drive pulley locks the door.
・Activates quietly, making it perfect for apartment entryways.