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Auxiliary Sensors

This sensor supplements the main sensor’s line of sight, detecting objects that would otherwise be missed in the door’s path.

  • Auxiliary Photoelectric Switch

Product Name
Auxiliary Photoelectric Switch Ultrasonic Switch Edge Sensor
Main Use Shop œ œ œ
Building / Apartment Building œ œ œ
Factory / Warehouse œ | |
Rehabilitation / Handicapped Facility œ œ œ
Operating Room œ | |
Computer Room / Laboratory œ | |
Features Supplements other sensors by covering areas directly near the door’s path. Ensures safe passageway for circular door users in conjunction with other sensors. A door stile-mounted sensor detects users passing through, reversing the door.
Detection Targets Moving œ œ œ
Still œ œ œ
Operating Principle Detects blocked light. Creates a 3D detection space and detects reflected waves from users passing through. Detects capacitance changes in the detection unit.
Installation Location Middle Mullion Under Transom Door Stile

When selecting sensors, please consider the installation conditions and traffic line that would ensure user safety in setting the appropriate detection area. Please also make use of auxiliary sensors in combination with main sensors.
To ensure safe use of automatic doors, please adhere Automatic Door Display Stickers and Warning Labels to your doors.