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T.M.E.C. Apartment System

T.M.E.C. System is an auto-locking door entry system for apartment buildings, while T.P.C. System provides confidentiality for office buildings. Both access control systems ensure privacy and safety.

  • T.M.E.C.Apartment System



An auto-locking system that combines automatic doors, electronic locking, intercoms and video monitors.

- Main Usage Areas -
Apartment entrances
T.M.E.C. System Operation
1.Entering from outside
Visitors can be verified via intercom, with the resident pressing a button to open the automatic door remotely. Residents can gain entry by operating a key switch.
2.Leaving from inside
The door is equipped with an interior presence sensor that opens the door upon detection.
3.Passing through freely
For periods of heavy traffic, a weekly timer function is available to define a period of time where the door can be freely opened from both sides.
* An emergency Open button can be optionally installed in the door’s exterior area to allow fire / disaster response personnel access in case of emergencies.
* Front door and apartment intercom terminals are installed at the time of construction.

T.M.E.C.System(Apartment System) Download Schematics

  • T.M.E.C.System

* Schematic data is prepared in accordance with standard specifications. It does not reference the locations depicted in photos.