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P.H.P. System (Handicapped Toilet System)

The P.H.P. System was developed as an automatic door system designed to comply with the Heart Building Law. With more extensive adoption of the universal design concept, it is now extensively used with a variety of multipurpose toilets. While not able to be opened when in use, it can be overridden using a key switch in emergency situations.

  • P.H.P. SystemiHandicapped Toilet Systemj

  • P.H.P. SystemiHandicapped Toilet Systemj



A large push-button system allows for easy operation. When in use, an eOccupiedf lamp will illuminate and the door wonft respond to outside input.
* Usable entrance opening width must be above 900mm.

- Main Usage Areas -
Public facilities used by an unspecified number of people, large-scale commercial facilities, handicapped toilets in areas such as transport facilities, multipurpose toilets, etc.
- P.H.P. System Operation Sequence -
1. The user presses the eOpenf button located on the outside of the toilet. The door will move to the fully open position, followed by the interior lighting and eOccupiedf light turning on.
2. The user enters the toilet room and presss the eClosef button inside. The door will close and the eOpenf switch outside will become inoperable, locking the door.
3. When finished, the user presses the eOpenf button inside to open the door. After exiting the toilet room and pressing the outside eClosef button, the door closes. The interior lighting and eOccupiedf light will turn off. If the user leaves without pressing the outside eClosef button, the door will close between 20 - 60 seconds (adjustable) after leaving and the eOccupiedf lamp will turn off.
* In an emergency, the exterior key switch can be used to open the door from outside.