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Traffic Control System

We offer a variety of traffic control systems depending on automatic door application and environment.

  • Half/Full Open System

  • Open / Close / Stop System

  • Latching Control System

  • One-Way System



- Half/Full Open System -
This system allows you to switch automatic door operation between fully opening and half-opening modes. For example, opening the door halfway would allow for reduced transfer of air between exterior and interior, helping to maintain heating/cooling efficiency. This system is often adopted in colder markets, and is also used for shop fronts with large openings. It’s also great for situations requiring flexibility, such as passageways that handle people and vehicles at different times, improving air conditioning efficiency.

- Open / Close / Stop System -
This system allows a single push-button or wireless switch to cycle door operation between fully open, fully closed or stopped in any desired position.

- Latching Control System -
A system ideal for hospital operating theaters and factories - a pull-switch or light beam foot switch can be used to completely open and close doors in alternate fashion, ensuring passage by stretchers or vehicles.

- One-Way System -
This system is customized for dedicated entry and exit passageways, combining a start-up sensor with auxiliary sensor for smooth walkway operation. When a door is closed, it will not open if the auxiliary sensor detects people on the opposite side. Similarly if the door is open, it will stay open in similar situations.

- Interlock System -
For air shower rooms or other places requiring heavy security, this system features a pair of automatic doors installed and interlocked together so that when one door is open, the other door is always kept closed.