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Hand Sensors

Touch, push, pull or wave your hand to open or close. Each door can be programmed to respond to a different user input.

  • Wireless Touch Switch

  • Push-Button SwitchiP.H.P.Systemj

  • Toilet Door Sensor

  • Pull Switch

  • Wireless Switch

Product Name
Wireless Touch Switch Push-Button Switch (P.H.P. System) Toilet Door Sensor Pull Switch Wireless Switch
ain Use Shop œ œ œ | |
Building / Apartment Building œ œ œ | œ
Factory / Warehouse | | | œ œ
Rehabilitation / Handicapped Facility | œ œ | |
Operating Room | | | | |
Computer Room / Laboratory | | | | |
Features Requires very little sensor area around the door. Suitable for handicapped people with reliable operation. An easy to use switch. Touching the sensor opens and closes the door. Can be operated while driving a fork lift.

Ensures gates and large doors can be opened/closed while pushing the button away from the door.

Detection Targets Moving | | | | |
Still | | | | |
Operating Principle Outputs signal after receiving weak radio waves via receiver. Outputs signal when pressed by hand.

Signal output when light is reflected from the hand.

Signal is output when the drawstring is pulled by hand.

The transmitter sends radio waves to the receiver, outputting the signal.

Installation Location Door / Wall Wall Wall Ceiling / Wall Remote Control (vehicle, etc.)

For safety reasons, please use wireless touch switches with transom-mounted sensors.